About us

privately owned company
founded in 1991.

Our object of activity is the production of spare parts for chemical and petrochemical industry, petroleum industry, natural gas transportation, distribution of hot and cold water etc.

In our portfolio you will find products like neck flanges, plate flanges, blind flanges, spectacle blind flanges and fittings. We also produce threaded nipples, weldolets, sockolets and threadolets.

With an experience of over 26 years and a range of products manufactured according to European standards (ISO 9001, PED 2014/68/EU), we managed to meet all the needs regarding materials, pressures, physical and mechanical characteristics, in such a way that our customers to be always satisfied.

Our strong points are:

  • seriousness
  • quality works
  • flexible prices depending on requirements and materials
  • short time delivery
  • products certified to applicable standards